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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure treatment put on individuals that whish to drop weight for a long period of time, who have attempted ways such as diet plan and workout yet have not had any kind of outcomes. Bariatric surgery, called as obesity surgery; It consists of surgical procedures such as gastric sleeve, Non-surgical weight loss treatment, gastric bypass and gastric balloon.

Procedures in bariatric surgery are chosen to have an impact on the weight and metabolic health of the individual and to offer advantages. While these procedures add to the weight reduction of the individual, they likewise offer benefits for the removal of conditions such as diabetic issues, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and high cholesterol. These obesity procedures additionaly have the attribute of avoiding illness that might take place in the future.

Qualıty Service Experienced Team

We provide you quality solution with our pleasant team by integrating the top-level competence of our physicians and also contemporary innovation treatment approches in our facility.

Best Prıce Guarantee

We intend to make every treatment and technique required for health and aesthetics at an obtainable price for every body, and we provide our solutions to you with the most budget-friendly cost benefit.

Patıent Follow-Up After Treatment

As Moria Facility, we appreciate you, we do not leave you alone after the treatment, we proceed our working as a consultant solutions by adhering to the details regarding the outcome of your treatment and examine your wellness condition.

The purpose of bariatric surgery is to rebuild the tummy and intestinal tracts, specifically the digestive system, to deal with obesity-related illnesses. Operations can diminish the tummy and also bypass part of the tummy and intestinal tract. These operations, on the other hand, add to less food consumption, which result in decreased appetite and enhance satiation. All these treatments contribute to the body’s achivement of a balanced weight.

Our Moria Clinic expert surgeons will examine the health background of you, our patients, and make a decision together with you to identfy which surgical treatment is most appropriate for you. As the Moria Clinic family, we provide a far better quality of life to our patient who have excessive weight problem and bariatric surgery experience.

Change Your Life


Free Consultancy

After calling our experts, a picture of the location that is anticipated to be dealt with is requested for to develop an assesment with our specialist physicians and your asumptions are recorded.

Treatment Process

An unique treatment plan deal will be provided to you for your individualized treatment program prepared by our proffessional physicians and for all your demands throughout your remain. You are likewise anticipated to make a down payment which is belongs to the price quoted to you in order to set up one of the most appropriate location for you in our specialist physician’s schedule.

Flight Reservation

After your treatment strategy has been developed and you have sent your individual health kind details to us, you are anticipated to send us your visa authorization for entrance to Turkey and flight reservation verification 1 month ahead of time.


After your arrival in Turkey, our specialist and pleasant experts will accompany you from the airport, the location where you will remain, to the facility where you will be dealt with, to offer you with a comfy atmosphere.


Get More Information!

Send us your contact information and we will contact you immediately!
Because you deserve the best!…

Get More Information!

Send us your contact information and we will contact you immediately!
Because you deserve the best!…

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